Get practical!

By Brian Heasley, International Prayer Director, 24-7 Prayer

Brian shares advice from his experiences of prayer walking to help us prepare for the National Prayer Weekend…

1: Get a few friends together. Travel in twos so that it just looks like you are talking to each other, if there are more than two of you stop at specific locations to regroup and swap around.

2: Plan a route. You may want to walk past: schools, police stations, prisons, banks, shops, old people’s homes, churches, residential areas, pubs, sport fields, gyms, local businesses or factories. Have a think about what is in your area.

3: You might want to think of some specific prayers for each of these areas prior to leaving. E.g. it might be worth praying about loneliness as you walk by an old people’s home etc.

4: Pray Bible verses over your area as you walk and ask God to give you specific Bible verses for specific situations.

5: Keep a journal. You could fill it in after you have walked with the prayers you have prayed. You can then pass the journal on to other prayer walkers in order to build a bigger spiritual picture, gather momentum and encourage persistence into praying for specific areas.

6: Be open to interruptions as you walk. You may bump into people or find the Lord leading you in a different direction, which you never expected. Just go with it!

7: Symbolism is good. I know people who have sprinkled seeds as they have walked around, or anointed various buildings with oil, these are all good things to do as you walk and pray.

8: Keep praying. Be persistent!

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