Who do you like to pray for?

There are no wrong answers to this question. But, there are definitely some more common ones. People like to pray for their families, friends and loved ones. Because it is so much easier to pray for people that you love than strangers.

Why? Maybe it’s because you know how they’ll react, or because you already know what they want prayer for? I think it’s easier because you have a connection with them already. The idea of approaching a stranger, knocking on the door of a neighbour, writing to a local business owner, asking the staff at your local doctor surgery whether they would like prayer is intimidating! How do you connect with someone you don’t know?

But, the thing is - through God we instantly have a connection with everyone. Whoever we meet we know that they too were made by our Father, we know they are loved, known, accepted and cherished – just as we are.

I read this great quote from Timothy Keller that is a huge comfort:

“The power of our prayers, lies not primarily in our effort and striving, or in any technique, but rather in our knowledge of God.”

I feel relieved reading this, that we don’t have to be good at prayer, we don’t have to learn a special way of speaking or follow guidelines to get it right. The best thing we can do to be able to pray for the people in our communities is spend time getting to know God.

The more time we spend with God, the more we will know His heart and will be able to pray in line with His will! Spend some time with God and ask Him to lead you to people to pray for.

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