Where is the Holy Spirit prompting you to walk and pray?

One of the privileges of having a job with a ‘national’ remit is that it provides a wonderful glimpse into what the Lord is doing in different parts of the UK especially in my case in relation to prayer and mission!

In the middle of all the shakings that are taking place across our nations, it is so encouraging to see that followers of Jesus haven’t given up on prayer – in fact all that is happening is driving them to prayer.  And much of this praying is being done ‘on site’ as more and more people are ‘rediscovering’   the purpose, the joy and the power of prayer walking on a consistent and regular basis – whether it be for a workplace and a neighbourhoods as done by individuals, families or small groups – or whether it be for whole villages, towns and cities when Christians from different churches and fellowships work together.     

I visited Evesham recently where the Evesham Prayer Compass (24/7 prayer for Evesham and the Vale) has been working at setting up 24 hour constant prayer cover inviting individuals to pray for an hour and thus cover 168 hours in a week (they are not up to capacity yet but are growing fast). They have also just embarked on seeing the whole of this area to be prayer walked with the aim to bless the whole town and area to ‘prepare the way for the Lord’.

There is nothing like walking around an area to get more of a sense of what are the issues on the Father’s heart for the people and the place. Over the years I have heard of so many incidences of where prayer-walking using prayer, worship, declaration of God’s word, release of God’s blessing – which have resulted in more of the kingdom of God break out as a result.

I was reminded of this very clearly just a few weeks ago.  Depending on how I travel to Birmingham, for the days when I work out of the World Prayer Centre building, I use one or two rail stations.  Walking across the city from Moor Street, I normally just follow the walkway as it goes into the station concourse and out the other side.  However, on this particular day my attention was drawn to the right where a narrow dirty potholed small road forked off my normal route. I took 6 steps on this small road and found myself on a completely new route – giving me contrasting views, bypassing New Street station and so a completely different route to work enabling me to focus on different prayer needs…

Where is the Holy Spirit prompting you to walk and pray –praying onsite with insight today?

Jane Holloway, National Prayer Director, World Prayer Centre

CWR Media