Who could you get in touch with and pray for in your local community?

The National Prayer Weekend is about engaging with and praying for your neighbours, social projects, schools, businesses, council, emergency services and anyone else in your local area. Find out more about what they are doing, ask what they would like prayer for and then pray for them over the weekend.

To encourage you as you plan and think about your own National Prayer Weekend and ways to engage with your community, we decided to visit some charities local to us to find out what they do and what they would like prayer for.

In this video (the first of three), we visit a community football project called Shoot Academy.

In this second video, as part of our own National Prayer Weekend story, we visited a local foodbank to find out what they do and how we can pray for them.

For our final video in this mini-series, we visited a local charity called The Lighthouse Clinic to find out more about them and what they would like us to pray for.

We were really encouraged as we visited each of these projects in our local area and heard their stories and prayer requests. Perhaps there is a foodbank or other local project serving the community around you that you could contact.

In the resources area of this website, we have letter templates to help you connect with your local schools, businesses and your MP.

Feel free to use these videos in your small groups and share with others who might find them helpful as a source of encouragement and ideas for prayer.

We pray that your National Prayer Weekend events, and the preparation for them, are a real encouragement and inspiration to you and those around you. Please do send us feedback and testimonies via Facebook and Twitter. You can also email your plans, pictures and stories to us at hello@national-prayer-weekend.com.

The National Prayer Weekend team

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