Plan your weekend

Welcome to the National Prayer Weekend! 

It is really simple to get started. You can hold your own prayer weekend, pray with your church or with a small group. To help you plan your weekend, we have come up with a 'how to' guide, which includes useful hints, tips and fun ideas on the following and more:

Getting Started

Prayer suggestions, planning ideas and resources to help you kick off your weekend.

Connecting with your Community

How to spread the word and collect prayer requests from people in your local area.

The Main Event

Everything you need to know about hosting a fun, creative and interactive weekend of prayer.

After the Weekend

How to continue connecting with people in your community and praying for those around you.


You can access a downloadable PDF version of the full 'how to' guide here.

The 'how to' guide will provide you with plenty of inspiration. You can follow as many (or as few) of our suggestions as you like! The National Prayer Weekend is about your community, so how you run your weekend is completely up to you!

You can also visit our Resources page to download free invites, flyers and letter templates to help you communicate with your community. 

We would love to hear how your plans are going. Just email us at