The Main Event

On the weekend

If praying as a church, you could open up the building (or even erect a gazebo) during the weekend for people to learn about prayer. Or stand on your local high street, taking prayer requests from shoppers. Organise a neighbourhood prayer walk or a 24/7 prayer event in your church. Why not invite some of the people you have contacted for requests to come to events over the weekend? It could be a great opportunity for them to learn more about prayer and Jesus.

Keeping refreshed

Prayer can be tiring (especially if it is for a continuous period of time). You may want to plan breaks for teams praying so they can pause, refresh and encourage each other. Maybe volunteers could make tea and coffee and serve cake, or you could pray together over a meal.

Have fun!

The National Prayer Weekend is about your community, bringing prayer and God back to the centre of it. Why not use the opportunity to show people how much fun prayer can be!

You could have a ‘prayer line’ where you hang prayers on colourful pieces of paper on a makeshift washing line. Or you could be more visual still and write prayers on stones then drop them into water. Your worship team might like to have a go at some musical prayers, or people might want to doodle and draw in a creative space.  Think outside the walls of the church. You could invite friends round for dinner and get them to bring along a prayer request for their neighbourhood. You can be as creative as you like. We would love to hear about your ideas and see pictures of them in action! Please do share your ideas, plans and pictures with us via National Prayer Weekend on Facebook and Twitter! You can also contact us via the Contact Us tab on our website.